Anti-Cimex "Absolut" LP test pressing

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Collecting test pressings is boring. Collecting test pressings of great bands' later records (even if still great) is soporific. But someone whose portfolio hasn't been affected by the economic crisis shelled out $133.50 to be the proud owner of one of the five test pressings of the "Absolut" LP by Anti-Cimex. No metal, no funk, no death, just a lot of cash. The main selling points were that the previous owner was one Mats B. and it includes some weird insert/t-shirt order form. Watching what Mats has been unloading on eBay over the past couple months has been quite interesting, but I have yet to be blown away. Here's hoping he trots out something beyond giga-bonzer status soon (ahem...Shitlickers rehearsal tape...ahem).

Fuck... thats my old

Fuck... thats my old record.... hah hah haa....
The insert wasn't included in the beginning.
I put that insert inside the record sleeve when i cleaned my apartment after a party (didn't know where to put it, so i put it inside the record sleeve) .
Fuck, Mats Bodenmalm (who handle the selling) haven't give me any money yet for my records he promised to sell.....
Thanx for the reminder.......
Perkele, Mats... Hit med stålarna............../Finsk

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