Anti-Cimex "Anarkist Attack" 7" test pressing

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Yet another test pressing post... As much as test pressings bore me, as I've mentioned, there is something to be said for collecting test pressings from the era when they were strictly utilitarian, before they were collectibles unto themselves. So: here's a photo of the test pressing of "Anarkist Attack," sent to me by a reader, Robin Wiberg. The story is that only 5 of these were made way back in 1982. I distinctly remember one of them auctioned on eBay quite a few years ago (I'd guess around 2001), which was won by a collector in California who specializes in test pressings. In 2006, a test pressing of "Raped Ass" sold to a collector in Japan. Needless to say, I was outbid in each of these auctions. Sigh. Has anyone seen a test pressing of "Victims of a Bombraid"? Or "Cracked Cop Skulls"? A sleeveless copy of the latter was auctioned on eBay in 2003 as a test pressing but it turned out to be just a sleeveless copy and the winner got a refund.

Anarkist Attack Test Pressing