Dig tells a story about Anti-Cimex's UK tour

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionSend by emailSend by email"We had no hotels or anything, so would face long drives back to my apartment to crash after most shows. One night we got back about 3am, quickly loaded the equipment inside, parked the van up on the (quiet, suburban) street, and got some zzz's. No one realised Jonsson didn't enter the house, figuring he went off searching for beer (or drugs), next morning I wake up early to get ready to head off to the next show, I see Jonsson lying spread-eagled face down on the fucking road! I thought he was dead...fuuuuuck! Turns out he had staggered outta the van and had passed out cold and laid right in the middle of the road, asleep for like 5 hours. How he was never killed that night, outside my apartment, we'll never know." Thanks to Jesse and Dig for the story. More to come, hopefully.

I remember reading a

I remember reading a interview with Jonsson in Sika Apara Fanzine where he praised England because when you are released from the drunktank they give back the booze confiscated the night before. He was picked up by the police after driving on the sidewalk, drunk.

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