Early Anti-Cimex gig in Finland

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Janne from Selfish was a nephew, I believe, to the singer of Vaurio, who died a few years ago. Janne inherited his collection, including a flyer and newspaper clipping from Anti-Cimex's first gig in Finland. Vaurio was the only Finnish band that played with four Swedish bands at the gig in Naantali--known as Finland's most popular holiday destination! I talked to Vote Vasko about this gig, and he did not remember it having happened. He thought the first Cimex gig in Finland came much later. But here's the proof (anyway, Vote lived in a different town, hundreds of miles away). My Finnish is a little rusty, but I think the newspaper clipping expresses revulsion at these hellions' music and behavior. Killer line-up at this gig, no? Thanks very much to Janne for this material.

Anti-Cimex + Vaurio flyer Finnish Newspaper Clipping


Hi Stuart,

I am working on the release of the Fear of War album and would like to use the flyer on the record innersleeve, if it is ok with you.

Please email me for further information.



Fear of War

Marcus, sorry, I just saw this comment. Please e-mail me. Address on the frontpage under About.

the first finnish show.

the first Anti-cimex gig in Finland was in Vasa (vaihtoehto support show) with Disarm and a bunch of finnish bands right around the time Victims of a bombraid was released (they gave away a couple of boxes for free !!!!), Johnson, who was wrecked already when we picked the boys up at the ferryterminal, shit his pants during the set and was happy to show the "damage" to everybody backstage :) oh yes, some of us even took pictures of this ;)

The newspaper clipping is not

The newspaper clipping is not all from this gig with Anti-Cimex & other Swedes. Only the clip on bottom right is about that gig, the others are from different newspaper articles on Vaurio (the one on bottom left is about a Vaurio gig in the same venue in 1985, describing Vaurio thrashing instruments & other gear..).

Cheers, Anti-Cimex dudes! It was almost 23 years ago!

From Masa (guitar in Vaurio)

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