"Punk Not Rasism" Swedish Gig Listing

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I should be embarrassed to post something that looks as poor as this, but I'm feeling shameless today. I can't remember where I found this tiny scan. It appears to be a listing of a week's worth of Swedish hardcore gigs at Cafe Ceasar (yes, that's how it's spelled). My guess is it was in April 1984. What a week: Rattus, SOD, Anti-Cimex, Existenz, TA.S.K., etc.! Punk not Rasism forever!

Swedish gig listing


It says Punk mot rasism.. it´s swedish for `Punk against racism´..

Thanks. See the comment below. -Stuart


Does anyone have a better

Does anyone have a better scan of this poster?
PLEASE get in touch if you do!
It was the greatest easter-week ever by the way...

Hey, it says "mot rasism"

Hey, it says "mot rasism" ("against racism") and not "not rasism".

All power to the illiteriat. Duh. -Stuart 


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