Anti-Cimex in the MRR photo archives

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Maximum Rocknroll has been posting some awesome stuff on their website lately to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the magazine. For example, you can download pdfs of some early issues, and there are reminiscences with people involved at very early stages of the magazine's history.

And then there's this.

Another classic photo of Anti-Cimex.

I know there are several other photos of Anti-Cimex, including from an earlier era of the band, in MRR's archives. I hope they post them soon.


anti-cimex archive pic

this picture is obviously from the same photo session that my photo-proof with the bands name across the top (looks like an unused/rejected 7" pic sleeve) i got way back in 1987/88 from Hardcore Horror with my clear vinyl "Raped Ass" ep. one could assume theres a bunch of photos from this era that were used for promotional purposes. i never bothered writing to the address of the photographer (their name & address is rubber-stamped in blue ink of the ep-sized photo i have) to confirm this, though. or see if they have any other pics laying around.

Yo, Wedge! Check this prior post for info on the clear vinyl pressing of "Raped Ass." -Stuart

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