Dis is getting pathetic...a dubious Shitlickers sleeve variation

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After my compendium of all known Shitlickers sleeve variations, I knew—feared—it was likely I would subsequently find out about another one. This one is not exactly what I was expecting. Although all the "design elements" other than the band logo and photo correspond to other known sleeve variations, I have a hard time accepting the legitimacy of this one. It is very obviously cobbled together from pieces of Shitlickers ephemera. The most interesting piece is the photo of Lasse, which I previously posted.

The person who sent these photos to me, Torbjörn Nilsson, wrote: "Obtained this ep in the early nineties by a german collector. Thin paper sleeve, same size as red export version." If it is true that this sleeve dates to the early 90s or before, the appearance of the photo lends it some credibility. The person who made it must have had access to the archive of photos. Although I had never seen these photos until they were posted online a couple years ago, that doesn't mean they weren't in circulation among collectors before then. So the sleeve designer was not necessarily related to the band. Or the sleeve doesn't date to the early 90s or earlier. It's impossible to tell from the photo, which is poor quality, whether the pixellization is in the original (indicating the photo of Lasse was taken from an online source) or if it's just the file I received that is problematic.

The problem with calling into question the authenticity of this sleeve is that it puts me on a slippery slope. For a long time, I have known that Mats claims there are only three legitimate sleeve variations. Lasse claims there is only one. Therefore, only the first three sleeves here at most should be considered "original", but the yellow and green variations definitely date to the same period and were made in Sweden and distributed by Really Fast Records. As for the other ones, no one has been able to provide confirmable information. In fact, when I got the photocopy of the most bizarre one ("Skit-Slickers Über Alles" [Anti-Cimex Rec. 002]) from Kawakami, he told me that he had asked Mats about its existence—keep in mind that it has Mats's signature on it—and he had no recollection of it but confirmed that it was indeed his signature. Also, as I recall, Kawakami obtained it in a batch of some other Swedish hardcore records of the era, such as Absurd 7", which would indicate that it dated to approximately the same time.

So I asked Mats directly about this sleeve. Here is what he said:

Hi, there is only 3 versions original from thissingle. 1st press is the bands b/w cambodia pic with knife, second press b/w malign massacre + a reprint, with half folded in red, thats it! A repress was in pipeline once, having the same cracked skull used on distlp/cd-31 - this one left my house or wharehouse ages ago stolen or something i saw it years years later on a blogg or something like the one you mailed me, i think people tends to xerox doing their own shit out of pix they find on intternet or whatever so the pic you send me is completely worthless.

I don't know what to think. The sleeve is very ugly, so maybe that's enough to discount it. It does include some very rare elements, but they are all available online, including on this site (other than the band logo on the front). I'm skeptical, but I don't want to cast aspersions. You decide.


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