Shitlickers 7" Sleeve Gallery

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After several years of internal debate (and data collection) here at Shit-Fi I'm finally feeling generous enough to post scans of all known sleeve variations for the Shitlickers' lone EP. In case you need more info about the record, check here, here, and here (most recent to oldest of my writing focused on the band, spanning over a decade). Also, check this interview with Lasse and this band bio by Kawakami.

Some points to keep in mind:

  1. All the vinyl is the same. Writing on labels varies and cannot be assumed to done by band, label, or distributor.
  2. No one, to my knowledge, can account for the order in which these were released. Therefore, this post does not attempt to do so.
  3. The nomenclature for each one (eg, "GBG 1982" domestic sleeve) is my own; it should be self-evident.
  4. I've included salient, confirmed details but not what countries in which the individual variations were originally distributed because that information is difficult to confirm. Some show what distributors carried them on the back.
  5. Pressing numbers are a mystery, but my  experience and consultation with fellow experts suggest that the white export sleeve, red export sleeve, and GBG 1982 domestic sleeve are the most common, in descending order.
  6. Bootlegs of recent vintage excluded.

"GBG 1982" domestic sleeve; two separate sheets

"Cracked Cop Skulls" white export sleeve; one sheet, folds at left edge; may include Xcentric Noise Records + Tapes distribution insert; nb, image of gunshot suicide in bottom right corner appears on this variation but not colored-paper variations

"Cracked Cop Skulls" red export sleeve; one sheet, folds at bottom; 3/4 back; different paper stock from other colored-paper sleeves (ink has tendency to rub off, as visible below); may include Eugen Records distribution insert; distributor name may be handwritten in pen ink on back

"Cracked Cop Skulls" yellow export sleeve; one sheet, folds at bottom; 3/4 back

"Cracked Cop Skulls" green export sleeve; one sheet, folds at bottom; 3/4 back

"Cracked Cop Skulls" white export back sleeve variation (Bullshit Rec. 003); two A4 sheets folded with blank flaps on the bottom and right sides; front sleeve image is the same as the "Cracked Cop Skulls" white export sleeve but left edge is slightly cropped; scans below taken from photocopy of original


"GBG 1982" domestic sleeve variation (Bullshit Rec. 003); two sheets; front with flap, folds at bottom; covered in a previous post; scans below taken from eBay auction

"GBG 1982" domestic [?] back sleeve variation (Anti-Cimex Rec.); (I purchased this copy with no front sleeve, and the seller could not recall what the front sleeve was. Obviously, it's a two-sheet version. The copy was originally purchased in the UK, but it is likely a "domestic" version of the record. The paper is similar to that in the previously listed variation. As you can see, it damages easily. The hard-living punk rocker who was the previous owner put it to the test. I think he won.)

"Skit-Slickers Über Alles" (Anti-Cimex Rec. 002); front is A4 with flaps, folds on bottom beneath "Cracked Copskulls EP" and left, as is visible below; back with 1/4 flap, folds at bottom; nb, back sleeve differs from above; scans below taken from photocopy of original

There is always more minutiae but the point here is simply to show what's out there. Update your wantlists accordingly. If you are aware of additional variations, please get in touch. Needless to say, the commonly circulated information that suggests only two or three variations exist is inaccurate.

Thanks to Paco, Clint, Rob, and Kawakami (RIP).

"GBG 1982" domestic sleeve variation (Bullshit Rec. 003) Read m

I got this version. If you want I can provide you scans

Sleeve variations

Hell...Didn`t know this!

Sleeve needed!

By the way, I have a sleeveless copy of the 7" in need of a sleeve. If you have a sleeve (any variation) in need of vinyl, please get in touch.

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