Shit-Fi is proud to present an interview with Aaron Milenski, co-author (with Patrick Lundborg and Ron Moore) of the recently released The Acid Archives, on the subject of tax scam releases.


Here is an interview published in the April 2009 issue of Maximum Rocknroll, which was a special issue dedicated to fanzines. This interview is based on a longer interview to be published in French in Ratcharge fanzine, which expands upon the ideas behind the Shit-Fi project and goes into some detail about me personally. Once that interview has been published, I will post a link to the English text of it. I'm not including this interview out of vanity; rather, I hope it can elucidate some of the motivations and intentions of this online magazine, as well as explain how I see its situation within the broader context of underground media.


"In 1978, at age 17, I joined my first real band. It was a go-nowhere school-punk operation called The Disco Love Bites. Somehow, this perfectly reasonable (in rose-tinted retrospect) name was soon changed to What To Wear..."