"Fanx—Live 83" Compilation Cassette, featuring Anti-Cimex

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Old news to some, perhaps: on the awesome Swedish Punk Fanzines blog, there is a post of the "Fanx—Live 83" cassette, released by Really Fast. (The site has done an excellent interview with Patrik from Really Fast as well; he was a source of info for some of my earliest writing about Swedish hardcore).

The gig featured on the cassette was May 7, 1983, in Linköping. It features several obscure bands, with 1–3 tracks each, and Anti-Cimex with 4 tracks. The other bands are: Zeb & The Fast Ones, Kosmos Pojkarna, Disgust, Baader Meinhof, Destroy TSN, and Halv UKGJ. Destroy TSN stands for Destroy The System Now, natch. No idea about Halv UKGJ, who sound like some kind of beerhall musical theater group. Anti-Cimex are the stand-outs here, but some of the other bands are pretty good too.

The Anti-Cimex tracks are a mix: two tracks from the period before "Raped Ass," sung in Swedish, and two from "Raped Ass." The recording is lo-fi, as you would expect. But I like it. The tempo is speedy, and it seems like the crowd is excited, even seeming to chant "Krossa NRP" before that songs begins.

Here is the direct link to the mp3, with Anti-Cimex beginning around 9:40.

Below is the cassette sleeve, as reproduced on Swedish Punk Fanzines:

The original flyer for the gig:

Thanks to Tony for the flyer for the gig.

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