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More of the real Fox News: In Belarus, fox shoot you.


Foxes (S-F's favorite animal, other than noise cats) use the planet's gravity as an aid in hunting


Inequality in the United States, depicted in graphs


Behjan Mirhadi, Bavarian Turkish/Iranian punk detective and friend, RIP


Miners' strike in 1977 (and the punk view on it)


The drug war in Mexico: it's not just a drug war or just in Mexico


The CLR James Library in Hackney wins its fight!


A wildcat strike in NYC among dockworkers!


Check this article about the Borough of Hackney's plan to dishonor the memory of CLR James and then sign the petition


Right-wing abuses of history hide the reality of socialist and communist agitation leading to supposedly beloved freedoms


When we see the fash, we let the boots do the talking


Double-dip recession, US troops "leaving" Iraq, fifth anniversary of Katrina, Tea Party racism boiling over, "mosque" opposition riled up and stabby—and that's just the news from the last week. Where to begin? One place but we need many more!


"This sucker is going down": still the only accurate prognosis for the US economy


The flooding in Pakistan: there (still) is no such thing as a "natural disaster"


Extensive interview with members of Crass