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"Fanx—Live 83" Compilation Cassette, featuring Anti-Cimex

Old news to some, perhaps: on the awesome Swedish Punk Fanzines blog, there is a post of the "Fanx—Live 83" cassette, released by Really Fast. (The site has done an excellent interview with Patrik from Really Fast as well; he was a source of info for some of my earliest writing about Swedish hardcore).

Anti-Cimex Live Recordings 84-86

Here is a link to one of the best Anti-Cimex live recordings in circulation, posted a couple months back on a Swedish blog. My guess is that the live recording occurred soon after the recording/release of "Victims of a Bombraid." It includes songs from that EP as well as from their previous EP.

Anti-Cimex Autobiography (1983)

Tomas Jonsson, singer of Anti-Cimex, penned a brief autobiography of the band in the Raped Ass fanzine, which accompanied the first volume of the cassette compilation of the same name, which he and a member of Tatuerade Snutkukar released. Interestingly, Anti-Cimex did not appear on this cassette (or on the second volume). You can view the fanzine here. The Cimex piece is on the second, third, and fourth pages. Note the great photos of the band.

v/a "Kloak Skrål #1" cassette

Anti-Cimex appeared on some cassette compilations released in Sweden in the period after the release of their first 7", before their second, when Jonsson took over vocal duties and the lyrics were in Swedish. This period is when the compilation LP tracks ("Really Fast" and "Vägra for Hëlvete") and "Anarkist Attack" demo were released. The tracks on these compilations were unique, whereas tracks appearing on later, foreign-released cassette compilations were duplicated on records. 

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